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The existence of Rookie Spot is inspired by the considerable unchecked blue/grey collar jobs sector in India, where we see massive untapped possibilities. Within this segment, we see excellent opportunities to reduce the unemployment percentage in India by connecting unoccupied and jobless people with their potential employers. Becoming known to the need-gap in this segment over the last few years, we created an unrestricted platform for the blue/grey jobs market by enabling job seekers and employers to find each other on a common platform.

Our objective is to assist over 1 million jobless people in India annually, to get proper employment. To accomplish this mission, we have propelled the process of forming a recruitment marketplace, where our recruiters help job seekers get hired in no time. We intend to deliver hiring fast, smooth, and accessible for everyone connected and defeat the burgeoning unemployment rate in India.

Job finding and raising employability are everything our country wants right now, and our team aims to serve to solve this most significant problem. We are bringing technology into a remarkably under accessed side of our country’s workforce, which will eventually bring interesting opportunities for everyone around to develop, and prosper. We are in the process of developing a digital identity for job seekers, who perform a significant role in the ever-expanding industries of our country.

We not only are helping job-seekers but also support businesses in meeting their human resources requirements. Companies also get benefited by utilizing an extremely organized process of searching and selecting candidates and get to hire the right candidates for different functions. We aspire to formulate a user solution, where hiring should be as easy as ordering products online. We are here to answer the hiring pains once and for all, across all regimes, cities, and for all parties concerned. Rookie Spot is focused on simplifying the extremely jumbled up recruitment industry by performing quick, convenient, and smooth for all the associates. Our mission is engaging both job seekers and employers at the same platform so that both parties get the best out of them and help India reach its potential.

Rookie Spot has decided to contribute its part to the fullest to make India rise, and shine at every platform. We cannot generate employment for all on our own; however, we will try our best to engage more and more people with employers, so that more and more people earn their livelihood with dignity.

We honestly believe, that supporting a man to get the appropriate job in not only the help to that particular individual but also is a help to an entire family to live with honor. A strong family finally forms a strong nation.

For us, every candidate that comes in contact is an opportunity to build a strong nation. Every job seeker that gets a job becomes a pillar that strengthens the country’s economy and its presence around the world. Our mission is to create at-least 100,000 such pillars every year. Our motto is “Jobs for everyone.”

About Rookie Spot

  • Rookie Spot is a Jobs aggregator and evolving  as an end-to-end recruitment marketplace connecting job seekers, Recruiters, Employers, and Consultants for jobs across hierarchies in an organization
  • Our target is to provide at-least 100,000 people their dream job annually.
  • We believe in unity and togetherness and we will revolutionize the whole recruitment affair……..TOGETHER

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