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While businesses run to staffing and recruitment agencies for any of their talent acquisition demands, here, we are continuing to discover where recruitment agencies continue to discover perfect and distinct candidates. However, several technologies, resume scanners, AI-based programmed candidate sourcing, etc, have remodeled numerous companies into self-governing recruiters, the sourced expertise, extremely screened applicants, and flawlessly comparable portraits suggested by recruitment agencies nevertheless reign strong.

In reality, research by Lever even describes that approximately 24-33% of the entire hires made by leading corporations are the candidates discovered by staffing & recruitment firms. Understanding the powerful standing of recruitment agencies in the skill acquiring system, the question is how and from what medians we all should channelize the right talent flowing in our bouquets. If you are likewise querying the same point, here are the 7 races recruitment agencies should utilize to reference candidates.

Resume Database

In this data-driven environment, you should hoard up the data of each and every candidate that surround you through their job quest. You should not only collect the resumes of the candidates but also try to make a personal relationship with them. Well, that does not mean that you should start taking everyone you come across for coffee. Just ask them about their family background, their hobbies, etc. Trust us, the candidates who are comfortable with you will write only your reference on their resume while going for the interview. The resume database empowers you to discover the comparable candidate whenever a client or organization hands you the capacity of locating candidates.

Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) for sourcing candidates. Many portals like Naukri, Monster, etc, extend their applicant tracking systems that facilitate you to select resumes and save them for an extended time. These ATSs immediately display resumes and data of candidates by simply streaming a keyword search. You can even refine the candidates based on their profile, expertise, education, age, qualification, etc. However, different job portals have diverse data available with them and they price it uniquely on the basis of different aspects.

Social Networking Sites

Social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn have turned into the latest channels where you can shift to source candidates for different job profiles. And by social networking site for recruitment, we are not just limiting to LinkedIn or Facebook. Although LinkedIn is the most influential recruitment tool used by many recruiters nowadays, the other familiar social networking sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram are also displaying great potential for posting job openings and getting suitable candidates. These channels will for sure help you to target the enduring candidates and connect with them through a simpler and almost free-of-cost means.

Online Job Seeker Communities

There are plenty of job seeker communities in the WhatsApp world where candidates communicate to find employment. Majority of the recruitment agencies try to be a part of these online job seeker communities to find the best match for their job openings. It is really easy to find such WhatsApp groups when you are lucky. There are numerous talent communities as well where one can find the best talent in the industry for various positions. Job seekers connect to these communities to stay connected with other recruiters, candidates, employers, and leaders in their niche.


Another system of getting candidates for client companies is via an employee or individual referrals. Most of the recruiters know people who know other people looking for jobs. Similarly, job seekers also lean towards their network when it comes to attaining the exemplary job. This creates a web of a network where you can unite with the appropriate and fit job seeker via referrals. In addition to that, this networking enables you to find strong and reliable candidates as they are already referenced by someone they know and can trust.

In-Person Meets

Putting apart the excellent technological tools utilized in recruitment, other techniques like in-person meets at job fairs, seminars, conferences, and other networking events are recognized as the reliable ways to gain touch with the genuine talent in the industry. You should try not to drop any such event to have a face-to-face interaction with the candidates. These encounters will enable you to comprehend the candidates better and screen them on the spot. Once you’ve met the candidates at such events, a follow-up call or email helps them stay in touch. This, in turn, supplements your talent pool and helps you fill in any job vacancy in short time.

Team up with colleges or institutes

Nowadays, every college or institute proposes 100% job guarantee to their students. But, placing all the candidates through their own placement cell is far out of a reach goal. So they are always in search of the recruiters who can help them achieve their 100% job guarantee target. You should try to build connections with the nearby institutes or colleges so that you can have candidates in bulk to place. Well, why nearby only? You should try to make connections with all the universities, colleges or institutions located everywhere. One such good connection might change your life forever.

Though we know that you all are tech savvy, however, sometimes some old school practices generate really good results. Like writing every candidates details in a diary. That is an unconventional method, still, we suggest you to make an habit to write every single detail of a candidate while speaking with him over the phone. This will sharp your memory for sure and you will have all your candidates details on the tips of your fingers.


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