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Recruiters, multiply your awesomeness with us today. You’re constantly communicating with people, coordinating the perfect candidate with a role, estimating skill sets and characters. You’re also marketing and selling both yourself and your jobs. You are acting as an adviser to people and leadership. Now, if all that doesn’t pay you well, then we are sure that you are not with the right people. Let’s join hands and revolutionize your career. We offer you an opportunity to be the author of your fortune. Get paid as per your skills, live a life that you deserve. Join us, we are always in search of people like you. Join a group of more than 200 plus freelancer’s group and grow together. We are professionals and appreciate the talent and hard work.

Job Consultancies

Are you running your job consultancy ? The greatest challenge for recruitment firms nowadays is to connect with the right clients. Conventional clients always pick those recruitment firms that are highly developed and fulfill the client’s requirements instantaneously. The big consultancy firms get paid on time, receive more recruitment projects, and earn good reputation ultimately.  On the other hand, small consultancies are most of the times neglected by reputed brands. But now, you do not need to worry. With us, you will get the hiring projects for reputed brands and multinational companies. Moreover, payment within promised time and support from our highly trained executives. Give your business a new graph, Join us & the digital age of recruitment. 


Challenges that you might face if you decide to walk alone

-Availability of online portals to source the candidates from-
-Reputed brands might not be interested to get associated with you-
-Lack of job options for the deserving candidates-
-What if the Employers you get, don't pay you on time-
-Usually Employers pay after 3-4 months for your efforts, how would you survive in that period-

Recruiters !!!

We have an AWESOME plan to back-up your FUTURE

Our Solutions to your problems


Job portal access to freelancer recruiters

Most of the freelancers source candidates using social media platforms including Facebook and LinkedIn etc. These are free platforms. However, If you decide to use paid platforms like Naukri, Shine, Monster, TimesJob, Quikr, OLX etc, then we can systematize that for you.


Opportunity to hire for reputed brands for all India locations

We are hiring for reputed brands that have a presence across the nation. So If you come across a candidate located at any other state than yours, then do not worry. We have job options in every state in India.


Unlimited job options for every job segment

We understand the importance of holding multiple options in your hands. Considering that we try to impanel with the maximum number of Employers, so that you will have multiple job option available to offer to your candidates.


Payment on Time, weekly and monthly bonuses

This is an important aspect where everybody is struggling. But now, you can leave all your worries with us, and focus on candidate sourcing only. We are committed not only to Employers but also to our Recruitment Partners. You can count on us.


70% commission on contracted service rate with clients

You are talented, and you do the most important work in the recruitment process, and that is sourcing the right talent as per the client's demand. You deserve more than us. We share 70% of the revenue we generate, with our Recruitment Partners, so that you get what you deserve.


Online job application and candidate tracking system

We are a technology-driven company and completely understand that you deserve complete transparency. Our efficiently designed digital platform will enable you to see the multiple job options we have, track the candidate status, online feedback, payment dates, and bonuses, etc.

Simple Steps To Your Success

No Registration Fee-No Investment

Complete Freedom To Earn As Much As You Want


How much can you earn with us?

-That is an important question and we are eager to answer it-
-The earnings you get with us are completely depended on you only-
-We pay weekly bonuses and monthly payouts-
-Weakly bonuses depend on how much applications you create with us-
-You get referral bonus for referring us to any employer-


Work Flow of A Recruiter

  •  You may check the job Description on our portal
  • We try to add every single detail within the Job Description
  • Your payouts and guarantee period related details you may find next to the JD
  • Stick to the JD while sourcing the candidates for any particular job
  • We focus on quality work and we advise the same to you and that will help you to make huge earnings
  • Screen the candidates as per the employer’s requirement
  • You may source the candidates from social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  • There are multiple job groups in Facebook wherein you may post the job vacancies
  • LinkedIn is also an effective platform to source candidates from
  • You may also buy online job portal access like Naukri, Monster, Shine etc to source the candidates from
  • We do provide access to Naukri and Shine portal to our recruiters. However, it would be paid
  • We do give free portal access to recruiters at few conditions. You may check about free portal access conditions from our RMs
  • Once you find the appropriate candidate as per the Job Description, you will need to create the interview application on our portal
  • You will need candidate’s resume and contact details in order to create the applications
  • An automated e-mail or text message will be sent to the candidates from our automated system to inform them about their application status
  • You may see all the candidates you have applied for any particular job within our portal
  • You will need to select the payout time while creating the application.
  • The payment will be transferred to your account based on the payment option you select while creating the application
  • After creating candidate’s application, you will need to schedule the interview
  • Our portal displays all the dates on which the employer is conducting the interviews for any particular job
  • You may also select date with time option for the interview
  • You can change the date of interview if the candidates are not comfortable going on the date you selected for them
  • Once you are done with interview scheduling, our automated system will send the interview confirmation to the candidates
  • You may provide candidates with the address, POC details of the employer. The same info is sent to them via our automated system as well
  • Once you schedule the interview, our recruiter will contact the candidate in order to verify if their skills are as per the Job Description
  • We keep the right to reject candidates if their skills are not as per the Job Description
  • In such cases, you will receive a notification within our portal and you can give other job options available within our portal to that candidate
  • We update the remarks when the candidate is appropriate and have skills as per Job description
  • On Interview day, you should contact the candidate to confirm if they are going for the interview and mark that status within our portal
  • We also contact candidates to confirm the same. It is highly preferable that being a first point of contact to candidates, you do the follow-ups
  • Once the candidate is selected, we mark the “selected”status within our portal and inform the candidates
  • You may also call your candidates and congratulate them for their selection and update them about the Joining dates and document required.
  • We also call candidate to inform them about their joining dates and other formalities
  • However, it is highly advisable to you to take the initiative to make sure that your candidates must join the organization on time
  • Most of the employers require documents from previous organizations and education certificates at the time of joining
  • All the required docs details are mentioned in every job description, so inform the candidates in advance
  • It is highly advisable to stay in touch with your candidates at least till the time they complete the guarantee period
  • We contact the candidates and employers on the basis of time duration you opt for payouts 
  • Like if you opt for 35 days payment then we contact the candidate and employer on 31st day of candidate’s joining to verify
  • After getting the confirmation, your payment is released
  • You can stay in touch with the candidates all the times
  • We try to keep all the back-end and follow up work on our shoulders so that you can focus more on sourcing the new candidates

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We present a way to earn legally and with dignity

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