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Top challenges & remedies for Recruitment firms & recruiters

The steep scale of India’s recruitment business is sometimes unbelievable. There are staggering one million people coming into the job market every month to search for jobs. India has the largest percentage of the workforce that is “desperately endeavoring to get a new job.” Clearly, this is remarkably juicy and extensive market – but one that also has multiple frustrating in-competencies. These are the topmost four challenges that we’ve witnessed recruitment firms are facing when it comes to hiring. But with every challenge, there is an opportunity for improvement.

Classifying serious candidates from the crowd, when you start using portals like Naukri, Monsters, etc!!!


With every new financial year, many professionals and aspirants apply for as many jobs as imaginable expecting to fetch an offer with a little raised salary that they can utilize while negotiations with their current employer. It’s April and professional over India prepare themselves for the rewards, bonuses, and increment.

Anyway, most of the professionals try to follow the same trend. Upload CVs on job portals, believing that some employer somewhere will see it. Well, using job portals for sourcing candidates seems sometimes little detrimental to hiring practices in India for two main reasons. First, it is almost undesirable for recruiters to differentiate which candidates are sincerely interested in the role and which have no plan of taking a proposal. It quiets down the whole hiring system and heads to an entire lot of difficulty for recruitment firms, recruiters and eventually employers.


It sometimes shifts the mindset of recruiters. The suspicions that a candidate may not even interested in the job is really devastating. But sometimes recruiters find it laborious to spend the time in evaluating each application completely. On the other hand, candidates are most of the times used to employers not reacting, so they do apply everywhere they perhaps can. So, how to get the right candidates from these portals like Naukri, Shines, etc? Considering high voltage charges, which contact to open in job portals?

Here is the remedy or in other words opportunity: To part, serious candidates from the crowd, open only those applications that are well written and drafted. If a candidate is genuinely excited to get a new role, they will invest the moments to select the various keywords related to their experience. They will right proper headings, education, current & expected salary, and some USPs, etc. some may also write a cover letter or complete a case study.

Making an understanding of a candidate CVs

Well, you know that there is no standard CV in India. Alternatively, when evaluating CVs for one job you’ll see everything from an astonishing western style one-page achievement-based CV to 5 to 30 pages. Ya, up to 30 pages CV. No fun time. Sometimes you might come across a CV that would showcase everything a candidate has ever done, including primary school achievements, and sometimes why they love cricket! Well, as a result of the high volumes of candidates for any opportunity, candidates will frequently pack their CV with as many keywords as imaginable in hopes of being chosen out of a database.

On the other hand, many people don’t even write their own resumes considering there’s a whole business for this here in India! You can go into any internet cafe, tell someone your qualifications and the sector you are looking for a job into and they’ll whisk a CV for you.

The remedy or opportunity: It’s no surprise that we sometimes think that the CV we are trying to screen is lifeless. Regrettably, it will be really tough to demand a workforce of 100 million professionals to reformat their CVs. But what businesses or recruitment firms should do is stop relying on CVs in the hiring process. Alternatively, select on the compulsory qualifications and core expertise & knowledge. Use a standardized method to screen based on these factors.

Experience based hiring 

We are that you must have realized that most of the hiring occurring in India is experience-focused recruiting. When you receive a job description from your clients, it clearly says that 2 years of experience required in telesales rather than competency-based recruitment. Certainly, sometimes prior experience symbolizes that you’d be great at a job, but you might be dismayed to learn how often it doesn’t work that well.

The opportunity: Start telling your clients to hire talented fresher as well, instead of focusing only on experienced professionals. Well, finding a talented fresher is much easier compared to an experienced one. The biggest predictor of an employee’s performance in the workplace is the “work sample.” This is to say – the best way to see if someone will be good at the job is to see them actually do the job!




Cut throat competition

This last challenge will be the toughest to undertake. There are over 26,000 recruitment agencies in Delhi NCR alone. The cut-throat commission-based model these agencies work on, one months’ salary or 8.33% of the annual CTC if you, fortunately, place someone. Recruiters get their commissions after few months. Recruiters tend to post their clients the extraordinary assessed candidates for a role, not necessarily the ones who are the best fit for a role. In the meantime, some other recruiter firm enters into the picture and offers 15 days salary or 5% on the annual CTC to the client. Boom, now the client is not yours.

The opportunity: Like any other market – technology and business model change will play a big role in binding the long-tail of small scale recruiters. Small scale recruitment firms should start joining hands. Looking at their expenses they should fix a policy to live, let live and grow together.

In the meantime, we expect that all companies will take a careful strategy to their hiring needs. We hope that more recruitment firms & recruiters in India will turn these hiring challenges into opportunities and experience the advantages of their growing businesses.


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