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Unemployment in India

“India’s unemployment rate rose to 6.1% in the financial year 2018, official data revealed, indicating the up-coming challenge that the Narendra Modi-led government has to face. Unemployment in our country is at a four-decade-high.”

The total workforce consists of all employed and unemployed people within a country. The unemployment rate is represented as the percentage of unemployed people in the entire workforce. People are counted as unemployed when they do not hold jobs even though they are capable and prepared to do so.Unemployment can also be understood as the uncontrolled joblessness of talented people who are seeking jobs, and prepared to work but cannot acquire a paying job anyhow. 

India is a young country and full of fresh individuals who are physically fit and intellectually skilled. However, at the end of their education or training, they do not find relevant jobs to earn a living. According to data from AIMA around 360,000 MBA students graduate from 4,000 B-schools in India annually, but only about 60% of more than 3.60 lakh management graduates find management jobs. This count is even worst in the employability of the engineers, of more than 1.5 million engineers who graduate each year 80% remain unemployed. 

During the initial days of Indian saga, there was not much of unemployment. Largest populations of people resided in villages, and they were involved in agriculture and farming activities to make their living. However, with the progression of the education system, industrial civilization, and the introduction of modern technologies, the small villages turned into modern cities. That carried a revolution in the sphere of employment. The industrial revolution changed the whole ambiance. Things were going in favor of our country, and all of a sudden everything changed. People blame the Indian population most of the times for almost every problem, which is also correct up to a certain extent.  

India is overwhelmed with numerous dilemmas and unemployment issue is one of the severe obstacles in Indian growth. The fraction of jobless youngsters in our country has already arrived at an alarming stage and regrettably, the count is doubling every year. A considerable number of youths, though ready to work, discover no scope for employment. The financial health of our country depends on the answer to this problem.


  • Population explosion and the lack of professional in-hand experience and training.
  • Due to the lack of practical knowledge, thousands of graduates, postgraduates, qualified engineers remain idle after completing their studies.

Direct Effects on a country:-

  • The hindrance in the country’s growth.
  • Drop the wealth of the country on the international stage.
  • Loss of young talent.

Indirect (long term) effects on society and economy

  • An Increase in crime rate.
  • Reduction in per capita income.
  • The elopement of young talents.
  • Low living standard.
  • Health issue like Malnutrition, starvation, etc.

In India, this challenging issue will go to a dangerous grade, except some concrete steps are quickly embraced. The enormous volume of unoccupied and jobless people will cause a high risk to the community and the country.The standard of living of people rests low because of unemployment. The obvious improvement in the poverty measure and the flat low pattern of public health are also the adverse consequences of unemployment.

Unemployment increases social crisis and economic inequality within the country. Unemployment is the chief cause of depression amongst the youth of India. Broke and jobless people find it challenging to control the growing price of necessities. We all should hold in brain that self-help is the most reliable help.We must acknowledge the harsh reality that no government can engage all the unemployed youths. Mere government actions cannot solve such an enormous problem.

Rookie Spot has decided to contribute its part to the fullest to make India rise, and shine at every platform. We cannot generate employment for all on our own; however, we will try our best to engage more and more people with employers, so that more and more people earn their livelihood with dignity.

We honestly believe, that supporting a man to get the appropriate job in not only the help to that particular individual but also is a help to an entire family to live with honor. A strong family finally forms a strong nation.

For us, every candidate that comes in contact is an opportunity to build a strong nation. Every job seeker that gets a job becomes a pillar that strengthens the country’s economy and its presence around the world. Our mission is to create at-least 100,000 such pillars every year. Our motto is “Jobs for everyone.”

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